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Heman Tan did not do well in school because of his dyslexia and ended up going astray. He struggled with drugs for nearly 15 years, squandering the best years of his youth partaking in drugs, gangs and other illegal activities. Fortunately, he met a mentor who not only taught him ceramic arts but also turned his life around. Step by step, amidst all his struggles, in the heat of the kitchen, and through business setbacks, Heman found his life’s direction. Today, he is well known, not just as a chef, but also a ceramicist, triathlete and author.

This is his fourth book, which combines his ceramic creations and culinary secrets, his life experiences, as well as his selfless philanthropic spirit. Through this book, you will have a deeper understanding of him. Be inspired and motivated by his story.

This is a bilingual book in Chinese and English.

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